Working on the Road

We love a good road trip and with 4G these days you can spend the long hours on the road with a laptop on your lap working the time away (providing there are at least 2 of you for 1 of you to do the driving that is!! šŸ™‚ )

We have really put theĀ miles in around Europe, OZ, NZ, Asia and Canada making the most of the 3/4G. It has involved stopping to get sim cards in respective countries but if you know you are on at least a few week road trip it hardly seems too much of an issue. Also leave you flexible to not to need wifi everyday or in each place that you stop.

Nearly everywhere these days does pay as you go sim cards. If flying in a lot of countries you can pick these up at the airports so be connected and on line within an hour of landing!!! Ā if on the road just head into a town and find a phone shop…get your smart phone on line then hot spot! Easy!

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