Ever considered teaching online? Create a passive revenue stream with Udemy

Do you have a unique skill or ability that can be conveyed over a series of lectures? Well Udemy could be for you!

Udemy is a marketplace for online learning. Unlike the rigidity of a traditional educational program, Udemy provides a platform for skill sharing of any kind. Experts create courses which can be offered to the public, either at zero cost or for a small tuition fee. Using the tools on the Udemy website, Instructors can produce a series of lectures, market to potential students and create a passive revenue stream. The Udemy website boasts over 10 million students served, so it has the potential to create a very healthy revenue stream from any content you can put together.

How to get Started?

Once the instructor registration is complete, you will have access to the Instructor Dashboard. The dashboard displays details on your total revenue, student ratings, total students, student locations, your courses and numbers published. A pull down menu in the top right of the screen has two sections, “announcement” and “new course”.


Selecting “new course” takes you to the “teach.udemy.com” website, from here you can create your course and market it to the masses. Udemy offer a free series of lectures on course creation and marketing. Its well worth following both to the letter as it will educate you on what they are looking for and how to achieve perfection first time around.

What topics can my course cover?

The simple answer to this is ANYTHING! If you have a skill you can share over video, text, presentations or live classes you have your topic. Currently there are over 40,000 unique courses offered with surprisingly varied subject matters. Udemy are looking for variety in their course subjects, if your course doesn’t fit under any of the existing categories, that is exactly what they’re looking for.


Planning out your course is essential when producing high quality material that students will find beneficial. Udemy have produced a framework in the form of a check-list covering key elements they either require or recommend for each course. Following the check-list is crucial when getting material approved into the Udemy marketplace. The check-list covers sections regarding the topic, course goals, structure and learning application critical to each module.


Udemy has clear guidelines on the production of any course and the materials that need to be supplied with each module. Guidelines on lecture format, length of video, audio & video quality and the delivery of the lecture are all key items that must be adhered to.


The guidelines also provide help and advice that will aid in the marketing of your courses and are recommended to make the most out of your work. The quality of material produced for your course has a direct correlation to the number of subscribers you should expect. Bells and whistles are important, take your time and produce perfection. Listen to feedback from your students and modify the courses to fit, after all your audience knows best!


Best practices produced by Udemy include critical elements that must be produced before publication. They include an instructor bio, setting your price structure, titles and subtitles, a course summery, images and that the course is 100%  complete. Only then will it be approved for the Udemy marketplace


Udemy are looking to become the Netflix of the online educational world and have recently raised $65 millon to achieve this. I can only see this marketplace growing and growing over the next few years. If you have a skill and want to share with the world this should be the platform of choice, get your lectures produced and ride that wave of passive income.


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