Essential computer tools for the freelance traveller

Whether you are freelancing across the globe, travelling for work or having to do a spot of work whilst on holiday, I recommend you look at the following tools to make your life easier.

  1. Speedify –  Combine your 3G/4G mobile network, WiFi and wired connections to get higher speeds. Using technology known as Channel bonding it combines all available internet connections for increased throughput and redundancy. Channel bonding makes it possible to spread individual packets amongst multiple Internet connections. By splitting all your web traffic at the packet-level even large single socket transfers such as VPNs, streaming movies, and uploading and downloading files can be given a major speed boost! I have suffered in Asia with slow WiFi so this would be a perfect solution to combine easily available 3G/4G networks to gain a speed advantage.
  2. MALWAREBYTES Anti-Malware – Without doubt one of the best anti malware products on the market. It will help you avoid malicious websites and keep an eye on your files to ensure you have no issues. Three proprietary technologies – signature, heuristics, and behaviour; automatically guard you from malware that antivirus products don’t find. Real-time protection shields against the most dangerous forms of malware. Malicious website blocking protects you from fake websites or legitimate websites that have been compromised by malware. Chameleon technology protects against malware’s attempts to disable or modify it. 
  3. Avast Premier Internet Security – I have used Avast for many years due to its low resource usage and relatively small installation size. The Antivirus detects all kinds of nasty threats, from viruses to malware, spyware, ransomware, and phishing attacks. Smart Scan will check your PC and network for all kinds of issues in just one easy click. Browser Clean-up gets rid of mystery tool-bars, add-ons, and extensions that were installed. The high spec Firewall keeps you safe from all kinds of intruders. Ever downloaded a file from a shady server and suspected it’s trouble? Test files in a sealed space first (Sandbox), and keep the rest of your PC safe.
  4. Skype – Free video or calls to other Skype users. I use this heavily to call mobile or land line numbers as it saves a fortune over international calling. 
  5. Overplay Smart DNS – I have used Smart DNS from overplay for many years to access geoblocked content. Fancy watching US netflix in France or BBC iplayer in Spain? This will allow you to bypass the restrictions and access the programs you want. 

Any other tools that should be added please post a comment.

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