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Google flights can save you big

The pricing grid


As with most people, I assumed the cheapest way to fly around Europe, Asia Pacific and the USA was with using the “Budget” airlines such as Easyjet, Flybe, Ryanair, Air Asia, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit, jetstar or Virgin blue/Australia. Recently I have discovered many of the tier 1 carriers offer some fantastic deals if your dates are flexible. Using Google flights pricing grid option (example above) you will often find flights much cheaper than the budget airlines are offering and many offer free luggage! Simply chose your locations and ask the app to display the pricing grid and select the cheapest dates, its that simple.

Flying return from Europe cheaper,


Many off the major airlines offer better pricing flying return from Europe to US then the other way round. (flying in and out of the same airports paying the same airport taxes) For example flying return say from Geneva to New York is often cheaper than flying return from New York to Geneva.  So if its a trip made often book a one way from the US to Europe and start booking return flights from Europe to the US. I am now saving $150 per flight!

Multi-Stop flights


Another great idea is to look at multi-stop trips on Google Flights. If you can plan out where you want to visit and are flexible on dates/times you can save hundreds in comparison to booking flights separately. Many of the multi-flight combinations offered on Google flights are not available if booking directly from the operator without incurring extra cost.

Check out Google flights before you book anything it can save you $$$$$$



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