Airport thefts on the rise, tips to secure your bags.

Tips to help you avoid becoming a victim






Bag security through airports is becoming more of an issue with news reports of thefts from overhead lockers in flight and bag security stealing from your checked in bags. With video’s surfacing like the baggage handlers in Miami airport below, its very important you don’t leave anything of value in your checked baggage.

I myself suffered from the hands of these people losing a few hundred dollars worth of computer equipment. At first you think you have gone mad and maybe forgot to pack it but after checking everywhere you realise you have been a victim of a crime that’s very difficult to prove. I even had TSA locks on my bag, unfortunately the keys are available online so its not even a deterrent.

Even with carry on luggage its important you keep your wits about you and any valuable items are kept on your person or under the seat in-front of you, as proven by an article in Thailand that surfaced today(below). If keeping your bag under the seat in-front isn’t possible make sure you have a good lock on it.

Chinese passenger arrested for stealing 60,000 Baht on Bangkok bound flight


The Chinese man identified as Mr. Yang Jian Xin, 42, was spotted stealing money from a bag located in the overhead compartment by a member of the cabin crew and was arrested upon landing. This is now becoming a regular occurrence.

So to recap;

1 – No valuables in your checked in baggage even if you have a lock on it

2 – Wherever possible have your valuables on your person or under the seat in front of you

3 – Lock your carry on baggage

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