Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand

Training in a Muay Thai boxing camp is a great way to study Thai boxing- it totally emerges you in the lifestyle of a Thai boxer. It is good for people just looking for an extreme fitness regime right though to boxers interested in training for a fight.

We trained at various gyms in Phuket (Tiger Muay Thai and Lion Muay Thai) but in recent trips we have been going to Jun Muay Thai in Koh Samui. Jun runs a very organized gym and he is also very personable. He also seems to keep his trainers which speaks a lot to his personality as other gyms we have trained at we find less loyalty and the trainers tend to move around often.

Monday – Saturday Daily schedule for us would consist of:

7am wake up. Have a small Breakfast then 7.30 arrive at gym to drop off your gear and go for a 5km run. Come back stretch and wrap your hands. Shadow box for 10 mins.

Then begin rounds- 3 x 3 min rounds on the bags and 3 x 3 min rounds on the pads one on one with a Thai Trainer.

Then more bag work usually 100 front kicks, 300 knees. Then 200 sit ups.


After training we would grab some fruit from a fruit vendor (The fruit stalls in Thailand are great, they freshly cut up the fruit you buy and give you a handy bag with a stick to eat them with!)

Then home, pool, shower and off to eat brunch on the beach or in one of the many of restaurants in town. After this as standard we go for a 250 bhat (about $8) thai massage then home to relax/nap before evening session.

Sessions start up again at 4pm

Afternoon sessions starts 15 min skip then stretch

Shadow box.

3 x 3 min rounds sparring. (or bag work if you didn’t want to spar)

3 x 3 min rounds on pads


Then again on the bag 100 front kicks, 300 knees. Then 200 sit ups.


Home, shower- go for dinner sleep and repeat!


Jun Muay Thai


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