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Upwork is a freelance portal that businesses post tasks they wish to outsource. Each post includes information on the works required, the length of contract, numbers of hours required and the rate.


upworkThe process is very straightforward;

1 – Register your personal details

2 – Provide information regarding your fields of expertise and your related experience

3-  Apply for jobs that fit

With any luck the potential employer will like what they see and give you the contract.

There are many examples of people managing to finance their way across the globe freelancing on such is Nico Jannasch who is freelancing his way across South East Asia whilst taking a semester off college in Boston.  He writes “I booked a one-way ticket to Istanbul,” said Nico, who’s now in Chiang Mai, Thailand. “Asia is far away and foreign from Boston, but that’s exactly why I wanted to travel here: I’m jumping head first into the digital nomad lifestyle. I wanted to make sure that my only way out is an expensive ticket home.”

“I realized I’d need at least a small group of established clients and the ability to connect with them across continents and time zones,” Nico said. He felt that Upwork was a good marketplace for his skills, but he still faced the problem all new freelancers face: no feedback or reviews, and no portfolio.

So, Nico got creative. He modelled his profile after those of other successful freelance writers, and decided to go over-and-above on his first applications. “I wrote a free article for each potential employer, sending it with my application as a bonus for them to use however they liked. I sent 11 applications and received three offers for work.”

It took only a week of freelancing for Nico to drop his hourly part-time job entirely. “Based on the rate I was earning, I projected that I could earn roughly $30,000 per year from anywhere in the world. As a college student living on a tight budget, I was nearly in disbelief!”

His full story can be found here


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