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Travelling with an income

Over the past 7 years I have met many people who mange to make a success of travelling the world whilst keeping a work at home or freelance job going. There are a few insights I will share that should help anyone looking to do this, and save a great deal of stress in the long run. I would never recommend anyone telecommute on the go unless you are already an established remote worker as you could end up stranded with no source of income in a foreign land.


Computers and the Internet


You just simply cant do it without reliable hardware and high speed internet. Before you set off make sure your computer is in full working order and you have invested in some good Internet Security products from providers such as Avast and Malware-bytes. Laptop battery power is a must, a good idea is to get a spare battery or an external battery pack to run off.  Its always worth checking what speed internet is available in the area you are visiting. Some hotels in Asia have very slow connections shared between all their guests so its unusable, so see what is available from 3g/4g network providers. In Thailand many telecom network providers actually hand out Simm cards at the airport which are very easy to set up (coverage dependant). Make sure you backup work when you can, if everything breaks it makes things a lot easier to fix.

Set a realistic work schedule


Its going to be very unlikely you will want to work 8 hours a day whilst visiting a foreign land, maybe you can break it up over shorter periods (some in the morning and some in the evening). If this isn’t possible make sure you plan to work when you need to be available no mater what time of the day or night it is. A friend of mine worked from 1am until 9am every day whilst doing a Ski season in Whistler and working UK office hours. He said it worked well as he got to ski every day and had enough money to really enjoy his time there. Plan trips to places its possible to work from, if working UK hours and trying to travel in Australia it can make things very tough.


Use holiday time for fun not travel


You have travelled all this way and can work as needed, however if you have work holiday days in the bank its a great time to take some time off and enjoy your surroundings. Try to plan your travels around your working day with flight times outside of work hours and any layovers make use of the time by working from the Airport. Don’t waste a days holiday in the air, many flights now offer WiFi and I cant think of a more productive way to travel. Make the most of the holidays you have doing something you really enjoy


Make sure you have a return ticket and insurance


I always like the security of a return ticket to ensure I can get home and the correct travel insurance. Without this you could risk being injured in a low quality healthcare system and no way of getting home. Believe me this happens more than you think.


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