Internet and Mobile Internet in South East Asia

Are you a Digital Nomad and thinking about visiting Cambodia, Thailand or any other country in South East Asia? Would you like to know the internet or mobile broadband you can expect to find? Well here is a definitive guide to Broadband and Mobile internet per country,





A popular destination with Backpackers and Nomads alike, Cambodia has 28 ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) who over broadband across the country and 5 MSP’s (Mobile service providers) offering a range of telecommunications services (lists below). Cambodia ranks 85th worldwide for broadband, with an average of 6.94mbps (Mega Bit’s Per Second) download speed. Mobile Data is readily available in all major cities, however you will find it patchy across the provinces. If you plan to head off the beaten track I would recommend Metphone as it has the best countrywide coverage, although they only offer a 3G network with download speeds averaging 1.1mbps. Cellcard is the fastest mobile network in Cambodia offering a 4g/LTE network with speeds of 10.4mbps on average. To purchase a simcard just bring a passport with a valid visa to the shop and choose the network you require. Simcards cost from $2 upwards, the more expensive ones just have lucky numbers and are not faster (despite what they might tell you!). You will be required to add $1 in credit when you purchase the Sim. Data plans vary in price dependant on what you need, for example 3.5GB from Cellcard costs just $5 so its relatively cheap!

Internet Service Providers

  1. AngkorNet:
  2. Beeline / Sotelco Co. Ltd:
  3. Camintel:
  4. Cambo Technology (ISP) Co., Ltd:
  5. Cambodia Advance Communications Co. Ltd (Qb):
  6. Cellcard
  7. CIDC Information Technology Co. Ltd:
  8. Chuan Wei (Cambodia) Co. Ltd:
  9. City Link:
  10. ClickNet Co Ltd:
  11. DTV Star Co Ltd:
  12. DIGI
  13. Ezecom:
  14. Flash Tech Co. Ltd:
  15. MekongNet:
  16. NeoCom:
  17. Online:
  18. OpenNet:
  19. PPCTV:
  20. S.I Net / Moov / S.I Group:
  21. Smart Mobile / Latelz Co. Ltd:
  22. Star-Cell / Applifone Co. Ltd:
  23. Telecom Cambodia (Camnet Internet Service):
  24. TeleSurf:
  25. Viettel (Cambodia) Pte Ltd:(Metfone)
  26. Wicam Corporation Co., Ltd:
  27. Wireless Internet Provider Co., Ltd.:
  28. Y5Net


Mobile Service Providers

  1. qb
  2. Seatel (4G/LTE only)
  3. Metfone (by Viettel)
  4. Smart (by Axiata)
  5. Cellcard (by Mobitel)



Less visitors than most of its neighbouring countries but still well worth a visit Laos has 7 ISPs (includes NAST) and 4 MSP’s (lists below). All ISPs were licensed by “National Authority of Posts and Telecommunications” called as “NAPT”. Laos ranks 107th in the world for internet speed, with an average of 5.17MBps download rate. All of the 4 MSP’s offer data packages on 2g/3g and 4g LTE networks with intermittent coverage in the cities and much poorer outside if any. Even with the 4g offering, the speeds are disappointing in comparison to many other countries in the region. Unitel’s mobile network now covers most of the country, however its wise to obtain a simcard from each of the providers if you plan to travel to the northern territories. To purchase a simcard take identification with you and you should expect to pay around $1.20 for the simcard that automatically includes $0.60 in credit. If you choose to register your information they will gift a further $1.20 in credit. There are various data packages available, for example 3.5gb of data for 30 days will cost around $15

Internet Service Providers

  1. Lao Telecom Co (LTC).
  2. Enterprise Telecom Lao (ETL).
  3. Star Telecom Lao (STL).
  4. Millicom Lao (MLL).
  5. Planet Online.
  6. Sky Telecom.
  7. NAST.

Mobile Service Providers

  1. Lao Telecom
  2. ETL
  3. Beeline
  4. Unitel.


Myanmar (Burma)

Only visit Myanmar if you can cope with intermittent and slow speed internet Nationwide. Currently there are 8 ISP’s and 3 MSP’s in Myanmar (listed below). Myanmar is ranked at 83rd worldwide with an average download of 7.01mbps, although a large part of the country still doesn’t have broadband coverage. The 3 licenced MSP’s do offer 2g and 3g access, but again its intermittent and painfully slow. A fourth license to Vietnam-backed Vietel Group was given out recently, but they haven’t started yet. Simcards are sold everywhere. Only in the official shops of the providers you need to show your passport and visa (stamp), on the street nobody asks for it. Simcards cost around $5 and 2.5gb of data will cost you around $10 for 30 days, although you will never get the data speed to use it!

Internet Service Providers

  1. Myanmar Teleport (formerly Bagan Cybertech)
  2. Yatanarpon Teleport
  3. Information Technology Central Services (ITCS)
  4. Red Link Communications
  5. satellite internet provider Skynet
  6. Frontiir
  7. Myanmar Post and Telecommunication (MPT)
  8. Kinetic Myanmar Technology

Mobile Service Providers

  1. MPT
  2. Ooredoo
  3. Telenor



Thailand is somewhat of a favourite for remote working due to the relatively low cost of living and world class internet speeds offered almost everywhere countrywide. Thailand has 28 ISP’s and 4 MSP’s (listed below). Thailand is ranked at 40th worldwide for internet speed, offering an average download rate of 21 mbps which is one of the fastest speeds in the region. WiFi Hotspots are readily available across the country in hotels, bars, restaurants and cafe’s. The 4 Mobile internet providers offer a wide variety of tarrifs across 2g/3g and 4g/LTE speeds (2g/gms network is due to be turned off in favour of LTE networks. The best coverage across the country is True offering 90% of the country 4g. True offers 8gb of data for around $23 lasting 30 days.

Internet Service Providers

  1. AIS
  2. True Internet
  3. TOT
  4. CAT
  5. KSC
  6. CS Loxinfo
  8. Buddy Broadband
  9. Internet Thailand
  10. Pacnet
  11. Jasmine
  12. ISSP
  13. Samart
  14. A-Net
  15. Otaro/InterNetwork
  16. Proen Internet
  17. Far East Internet
  18. Reach Thailand
  19. Chomanan Worldnet
  20. KIRZ Internet
  21. Thai-Fi
  22. WorldWeb
  23. Beenets/UIH
  24. Milcom
  25. Loxley
  26. ISPIO (NIPA)
  27. TCC Technology Fiber,MPLS,Leased Line
  28. NTT

Mobile Service Providers

  1. AIS
  2. dtac
  3. TrueMove
  4. TOT



Again Vietnam is very popular with digital nomads for the low cost of living, high speed internet and strong mobile networks. Internet in Vietnam is offered from the 5 ISP’s and 6 MSP’s (Listed Below) Vietnam is ranked 41st in the world with an average internet download speed of 17.58 mbps. 4 of the 6 providers offer high speed 3g connections up to 22mbps download speed. 4G/LTE has not started yet, but is expected to launch in 2016. To buy a prepaid simcard, you have to officially show your ID or passport and need to be registered, before the simcard can be activated. But in practice, this is not really enforced. Viettel is the market leader in Vietnam with about 40% of all customers on its network. It has the best coverage in remote places even on 3G. Tourist simcards are around $5 and must be purchased with a tarriff, 5gb will cost around $25 and last for 25 days

  1. Netnam Company
  2. Vietnam Data Communication Company (VDC)
  3. Corporation for Finance and Promoting Technology (FPT)
  4. Saigon Post and Telecommunications Services Corporation (Saigon Postel Corporation, SPT)
  5. Viettel Company

Mobile Service Providers

  1. Viettel Mobile
  2. MobiFone
  3. VinaPhone
  4. S-Fone
  5. Vietnamobile
  6. gmobile



A common hub used by digital nomads and Backpackers travelling around South east Asia, Malaysia has 11 ISP’s and 9 MSP’s offering internet connections (listed below). Malaysia is ranked at 89th in the world for internet speed, with an average speed of 6.61 mbps across the nation. Kuala Lumpur offers much higher internet speeds on average from the readily available WiFi hotspots all over the capital. You can expect to find internet connections on the islands surrounding Malaysia although its usually very slow and only good for sending an email or two. The 9 MSP’s offer 2g, 3g and 4g LTE covering densely populated areas, however the islands and parts of Borneo have quite patchy reception. A mobile simcard costs around $10 with $8 of credit included. For just $10 more you can add 1.5gb of data that will last you 30 days.

Internet Service Providers

  1. Giga Broadband
  2. Jaring Flite Wired
  3. Maxis Wired
  4. PersiaSYS Ultraband Cable
  5. TIME
  6. TM
  7. VTelecoms
  8. City Broadband
  9. Cyberjaya Metro Fibre Network
  10. MacroLynx
  11. Metrofon

Mobile Service Providers

  1. Celcom (Xpax)
  2. Maxis (Hotlink)
  3. DiGi
  4. U Mobile
  5. OneXOX
  6. Tune Talk
  7. XOX Mobile
  8. Friendi mobile
  9. Buzz me.



Brunei has 2 ISP’s and 2 MSP’s (listed below). Brunei is ranked 102nd in the world for internet speed, offering average connections at 5.4 mbps. This is due to change as Telekom Brunei is deploying its FTTH network capable of 100Mbit/s through a contract awarded to Huawei. It aims to provide FTTH coverage to around 85% of the population by 2017. The Mobile network has 2g, 3g and 4g LTE options that cover all of the country priced from $5 and data is charged at less than $0.01 per 200k.

Internet Service Providers

  1. Brunet (part of Jabatan Telekom Brunei)
  2. Simpurnet of DSTCom

Mobile Service Providers

  1. DST Communications
  2. Progresif Cellular Sdn Bhd (formerly b-mobile)



A favourite of the Backpacker and Digital Nomad, Indonesia is supported by 8 ISP’s and 5 MSP’s (listed below). Indonesia is ranked at 108th in the world internet speed rankings and only offers 5.13 mbps mainly due to remote area’s with very slow connections. This is much slower than what you should expect to get in high population area’s and  the main tourist spots. Mobile broadband is offered from all the 5 MSP’s, with Telkomsel being the market leader and the best coverage, reaching 98% of Indonesia. You should expect to pay around 2$ for a simcard and a 3.5gb data package costing around $8 for 30 days.

Internet Service Providers

  1. Biznet
  2. CBN
  3. Circle One
  4. First Media
  5. IndosatM2
  6. PROnet
  7. Telkom Indonesia
  8. Wasantara

Mobile Service Providers

  1. Telkomsel
  2. IM3 Ooredoo (a.k.a. Indosat)
  3. 3 (= Tri)
  4. XL Axiata
  5. Smartfren


The Philippines

A great place to visit but don’t expect to get a great deal work done, The Philippines has 24 unique ISP’s and 2 main mobile service providers. The Philippines is currently ranked 122nd in the world with an average speed of 3.52 mbps, however this will be much faster in the major cities. Hotspots are readily available across most of the country with varying connectivity speeds, however its renowned for being difficult to work from due to common periods of downtime. They have 2 main mobile providers with offshoots Sun Cellular, Talk ‘n Text and Touch Mobile (TM). 2G covers all inhabited islands but is practically useless for data transmission (even for Whatsapp) because of congestion. On 3G you only get data speeds comparably to other southeast Asian Countries in Manila and a few provincial capitals. Generally the 3G coverage is somewhat patchy and speeds are often quite low. Simcards cost around $1 and a 4.5gb dataplan will cost around $18 for a month. (this is only worthwhile in a major city or you will never get anywhere near 4.5gb)

Internet Service Providers

  1. Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT)
  2. Globe Telecom
  3. Smart Communications (subsidiary of PLDT[16])
  4. SKY Broadband
  5. Bayan Telecommunications (subsidiary of Globe Telecom[17])
  6. Sun Cellular
  7. Wi-Tribe
  8. Telstra Philippines Set to be launched in 2016
  9. Eastern Telecoms
  10. Converge ICT
  11. Cablelink
  12. ABS-CBN Mobile
  13. Mozcom
  14. Click Communications
  15. We are IT Philippines, Inc. (Satellite Internet)
  16. WifiCity
  17. Edgecomm
  18. Blackfiber Solutions
  19. PT&T
  20. Textron Corporation
  21. IXSForAll
  22. Radius
  23. NexLogic Telecommunications Network
  24. AZCom

Mobile Service Providers

  1. Smart (including Sun Cellular and Talk ‘n Text)
  2. Globe (includes Touch Mobile, also known as TM)



Singapore is a global financial powerhouse supported by 12 ISP’s and 3 MSP’s (list below) Singapore has the No.1 rank in the world with average download speeds of 97.67 mbps. You will find high speed internet access everywhere, its a perfect place for remote working if you have an unlimited budget. The cost of living in Singapore is amongst the most expensive worldwide. The mobile data speeds in Singapore are simply breathtaking, offering 4g everywhere. Simcards cost around $10-15 and a 30 day 5gb internet subscription will set you back around $25.

Internet Service Providers

  1. NetLink Trust (Formerly OpenNet) (Passive Infrastructure Company ; NetCo ; Wholesale)
  2. Nucleus Connect (Active Infrastructure Company ; OpCo ; Wholesale) – Commenced Commercial Operations on 31 Aug 2010[6]
  3. Singtel (Active Infrastructure Company ; OpCo ; Wholesale) – Deployed on 31 Aug 2010[7]
  4. M1 (Active Infrastructure Company ; OpCo ; Wholesale) – Deployed in Sep 2011[8]
  5. MyRepublic (Active Infrastructure Company ; OpCo) – Deployed in 2013
  6. ViewQwest (Active Infrastructure Company ; OpCo ; Wholesale) – Deployed in the 2nd half of year 2010[9]
  7. M1 – 100 Mbit/s, 200 Mbit/s, 1 Gbit/s, 10Gbit/s
  8. Singtel – 300 Mbit/s, 500 Mbit/s, 1 Gbit/s, 10Gbit/s
  9. StarHub – 100 Mbit/s, 200 Mbit/s, 500 Mbit/s, 1 Gbit/s
  10. MyRepublic – 1 Gbit/s, 2 Gbit/s
  11. SuperInternet – 100 Mbit/s, 10Gbit/s
  12. ViewQwest – 1 Gbit/s, 2 Gbit/s, 10Gbit/s

Mobile Service Providers

  1. SingTel Mobile
  2. StarHub
  3. M1

Internet Censorship.

You will find Internet censorship across all of South East Asia in one form or another. Censorship varies country by country, with some censoring content they class as immoral, to complete control over social media and freedom of speech. To circumvent access issues I would recommend an investment in a VPN or DNS redirector, such as OverPlay ( or IPVanish (


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