For many years we desperately wanted a way we could travel the world and keep a steady income, but it all seemed so risky until the opportunity fell into our laps.

We had both spent many years up until this point driving one hour each way to the office every day, so when an opportunity to live and work in China arrives we decided to risk everything and give it a try.

Within 6 months we had moved half way around the world, living and working in China. For the next 8 months our time was spent working and experiencing a totally different culture but after a while it dawned on us that we still weren’t free, just switched one rat race for another. The pollution and lifestyle in Beijing was effecting our health, so we decided enough was enough. We had to up sticks and explore the rest of the world. Both of us had to find jobs working remotely so we could be free from any office. Somehow we made it happen!

That May we left Beijing and started on our journey. Spain was our first port of call, following that a two month stay in a Muay-Thai boxing camp in Phuket, Thailand and then to the Alps for our first full winter Ski season. That was back in 2009. Since then we have travelled the world stopping in locations all around Europe, Oz, NZ, USA, The Caribbean and Asia.

We are very used now to rocking up in a country and getting our selves sorted with 3G Sims. Working in Airport Lounges, on trains, on beaches, in Hotel rooms and in Internet Cafes.

And so we continue to travel around the world with our full time jobs to fund it.

Thailand and specifically the Muay-Thai Boxing has had a major impact in both our lives, we have spent over a year studying the art in Phuket and Koh Samui. Combining this with our love of Cross-fit and healthy eating we are looking forward to sharing our ideas and experiences.

Hopefully you may find them of some use!!!

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